Skating In Schools

Synthetic Ice Skating Program


Theatre On Skates Academy offers a Learn to Skate program designed to accommodate  schools, churches and/or businesses that are interested in hosting classes and/or musical show performances at their locations.

Our equipment is environmentally safe and sound that requires no water, cumbersome refrigeration units or ice resurfacing machines.

We will transport a synthetic flooring panel to your facility to create an ice skating surface approximately 16' x 16' that will be set up in any small activity room or any open flat surface.

"Skates will be provided."

The program will run for 8 weeks a session, teaching the basic skills of performing on skates and in theatre such as acting, singing and dancing.  At the end of each session there will be a performance assessment evaluating skills learned.  Students will receive a certificate of participation as well as a certificate of achievement award.


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